Eagle Filters aims to actively contribute to a better living environment through its operation processes and products. Our filters are removing harmful particles from air streams in offices, kitchens, power and industrial plants around the world. The longer lifecycle and energy-efficiency of our air-filters reduces their load on the environment.

Ways in which we try to protect the environment in our daily operations are manifold. For example, we have contracted a local waste management company to recycle and destroy the various types of waste that are handled in our production process, thereby ensuring the safety of our workers and local environment. Similarly, our facilities were recently upgraded to accommodate greater energy conservation.

Eagle Filters is one of the top 100 Finnish companies that make up Cleantech Finland. Cleantech Finland is a national initiative uniting top Finnish companies working in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes, bioenergy, and other business processes or products that prevent or reduce harmful actions on the environment. Through our membership with Cleantech, we hope to promote clean and environmentally responsible business practices with our customers and in the local environments where we operate.