The most notable symptom of efficiency degradation for Gas Turbines or compressors is fouling. The correct choice of air filtration will save hundreds of thousands of euros – every operating year, every unit.

Moisture, traffic and industry will create a challenging combination. To master this will, require a deep knowledge and experience from inside the filtration industry. Eagle Filters has over 20 years of experience in projects all over the world, where power plants have experienced a better energy efficiency of the process, more availability and an increase in filter service life. Improving the filtration will often require only a proper selection of filter elements. Our advisors will assist you in your selection. But in some cases, modifications to the filter house might be needed or even new filter houses are advisable to reach the target. Our technical staff will design a complete package that fits your air intake and gives you the required changes that will improve your combustion.

Contact to us, so we can see how to optimize your installation.


  • analyze the current situation;
  • design the technical and economical solution;
  • deliver the equipment and filters;
  • dive technical support throughout the life time of the filters.

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All the products below can be customized to meet your specific functional requirements and objectives.