Gas Turbines

The correct selection of gas turbine air inlet filters is one of the most crucial factors affecting the operation and efficiency of a gas turbine. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful selection is measured in hundreds of thousands of euros – each year, in each unit.
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Plus-E - Energy Performance Service

Plus-E is the name of the Energy Performance Service of Eagle Filters. With the Plus-E service, Eagle Filters offers the thermal power production industry the possibility to invest in energy savings and efficiency upgrading of the installations, in which the costs of the investments are payed of solely by the profits of the savings in energy and the gains of increased production.
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Dust Removal

We have a wide experience in manufacturing dust removal applications. In most cases the common problems in these applications can be solved by modifying the filter elements. We manufacture all the known dust removal filters and if needed we can design a filter for your needs as well.
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Tailored products

Eagle Filters designs and manufactures filters to customer specifications for several equipment manufacturers in Finland and internationally. We make our extensive experience and know-how available to the customers.
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