Plus-E is the name of the Energy Performance Service of Eagle Filters. With the Plus-E service, Eagle Filters offers the thermal power industry the possibility to invest in energy savings and efficiency upgrading of the installations, in which the costs of the investments are payed of solely by the profits of the savings in energy and the gains of increased production.

In the integrated Plus-E Energy Performance Service, Eagle Filters will design a project plan for free. All the agreed measures of this project plan will be executed and financed by Plus-E, the cooperation company of Eagle Filters and Cleantech Invest. Until this moment no payment of the owner/operator of the energy plant is required.

The sharing of the profits in fuel savings and increased electricity sales during the contract period, will make the financing of the project possible.

Advantages of our Plus-E Energy Performance Service:

  1. Prevention of damage to the installation because of environment by a thorough pre-filtration
  2. High-level (E11 according to EN1812:2009) filtration
  3. Higher availability, thus production, because of no need for intermediate off-line washings
  4. Fuel saving because of a cleaner, thus better performing installation
  5. Better knowledge of your installation because of permanent monitoring of the isentropic efficiency and follow-up of productivity
  6. No supplementary costs for the owner/operator – all costs can be covered by the profits of more electricity production and less fuel consumption.
  7. Technical studies, project planning and adaptations in the air intake included in the proposal. No costs for the owner/operator.
  8. Optimal functioning of the installation due to preventive filter changes, based on online monitoring, free of charge.