Is Poor Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration Costing the Power Industry Billions Each Year?

The power industry is needlessly wasting several billion euro each and every year. They are losing billions because OEM´s have set the standards for Gas Turbine (GT) inlet air filtration to a very low level.

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Leaching – Subsurface damage to your filters you won´t even notice until it’s too late

Imagine a misty Sunday evening, when the operators in the control room of a gas turbine room are just performing a shift change, changing the information on the daily events, no-one really paying attention to the monitors when it happens: compressor efficiency suddenly drops several percentage points and the control system is unexpectedly requesting an online-washing.

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Pay an agent or recruit a team - which is best for increasing sales?

I have now been active in my role as Head of Sales for Eagle Filters for around 6 weeks now and facing the typical problem of how to expand a business to new markets. 

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