EPA Filters

EPA class compact cell filters are the best solution for protecting a gas turbine from degradation. These filters ensure high purity of incoming air and a very high level of cleanliness.

EFiCELL EPA Filters are designed to ensure high capacity filtration when available space is limited, or processed air flow is high.

MAGNUM EPA Filters increased capacity reduces initial and long term dP, ensuring reliable operation.

TurboMaster EPA is a new era in static filtration replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters.
TurboMaster EPA filters ensure absolute cleanliness and is a static filtration system that can be used without construction changes of the air intake housing.

Operational characteristics

  • Filter classes according to EN779:2012 and ISO16890
  • Highly water-repellent
  • High mechanical strength
  • High operational capacity
  • Low pressure drop during service life
  • TurboMaster EPA filters can replace existing pulse filters, without changes to existing mounting systems.

Operating Values EFiCELL E10 EFiCELL E11 EFiCELL E12 EFiCELL H13
Dimensions 592*592*292 592*592*292 592*592*292 592*592*292
Filter Class (EN779:2012) E10 E11 E12 H13
Filter Area 18 - 24m2 18 - 24m2 18 - 24m2 18 - 24m2
Pressure drop@2900 m3/h 110 Pa 150 Pa 245 Pa
Average efficiency >90 % >95 % >99,5 % > %
Operating Values E10 Magnum E11 Magnum E12 Magnum
Dimensions 592*592*575 592*592*575 592*592*575
Filter Class (EN779:2012) E10 E11 E12
Filter Area 32m2 32m2 32m2
Pressure Drop @3400 m3/h 108 Pa 145 Pa 195 Pa
Average Efficiency % % %
Operating Values Turbomaster E10 Turbomaster E11 Turbomaster E12
Dimensions Æ445*660 Æ445*660 Æ445*660
214500 214500 214500
Filter class (EN1822) E10 E11 E12
Filter Area
Pressure drop @2500m3/h xxx Pa xxx Pa xxx Pa
Initial Efficiency >85% >95% >99,5%

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