EPA Technology Deployment


For gas turbine operators, EPA filtration has been always a tempting option in terms of air cleanliness protecting gas turbine compressor and components downstream of the filtration system, whilst extending maintenance and replacement intervals with enhanced performance associated to fuel savings and lost power output recovery.

However EPA filtration achievement if not endorsed from original filter housing design stage, provides challenges of retrofitting the air intake filter housing with multi-stage filtration to achieve EPA level filtration with increased CAPEX and reluctance to change the original filter housing design.

A solution of upgrading filter housing with original F Class filtration into single stage EPA filtration without the need of any implementation of structural modifications to the filter housing has been on the radar of many filtration organizations  as a solution of “Too Good To Be True”.

Eagle Filters a leading manufacturer of premium gas turbine filtration products have endorsed and initiated such project through its R&D department and developed a solution through its unique media technology meeting the requirements of achieving EPA level filtration through filter elements replacement without the need of any structural modification.

Keeping in mind that the minimum filtration efficiency required for efficient reduction on gas turbine compressor fouling with elimination of salt ingress and other contaminants is E11 filtration. Such level filtration eliminates the need for forced outages to conduct offline compressor washes with the aim of recovering lost power output through compressor efficiency recovery.

Eagle Filters E11 & E12 filtration solution endorses a multi-stage filtration in a single filter element providing ease of “Upgrade Concept” with a proven operational experience on various gas turbines globally including the most challenging harsh environments of coastal, humid and desert conditions.

To make the solution even more tempting Eagle Filters have dedicated a team for “ Efficiency Upgrade”, where operational savings associated from amount of fuel consumption that can be saved along with power output recovery can be quantified and be included in a financial scheme “Plus-E” project financing that provides a solution of positive cash flow to that specific case without the need for initial additional filter cost increase.

If you are interested to know more about our operational experience,  unique media technology, “Efficiency Upgrade” audit or associated financial scheme(s) kindly do not hesitate to approach us at gtfiltrationexperts@eaglefilters.earth

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