Eagle Filters is a market-leader in air filtration solutions for Gas Turbines

Eagle Filters protects Gas Turbine performance.

We have been developing innovative and efficient air filtration systems since 1995, established in Kotka, Finland. Today, our filters are used on every continent, providing high-quality and cost-beneficial filtration solutions for clients.

Our patented, high-performance air filtration solutions for gas turbines have been tested and verified by some of the world’s largest energy utilities (such as Astoria Energy in New York) where they significantly increase the efficiency of Gas Turbines and save money for customers. Our products combine excellent energy efficiency for enhanced engine performance, good mechanical durability and top-ranking aerodynamic properties in a cost-effective way.

The potential impact of our products and solutions for the global energy industry is significant, with over 20% of world electricity produced using natural gas. Our solutions can increase annual output by up to 6% and improve overall fuel efficiency by up to 3%.

Eagle Filters is part of the Loudspring Group, which is a Nasdaq First North Helsinki listed company that saves natural resources.

About Loudspring Group

Loudspring is an industrial group focused on saving natural resources. Loudspring owns and operates Nordic growth businesses that are making a big environmental impact and is listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Loudspring’s way of protecting the planet is to build and grow businesses that save natural resources. Loudspring believes that profits and environmental benefits can be fully aligned. Solving some of the biggest challenges our planet faces translates into one of the biggest opportunities for growing profitable businesses.

The name ‘Loudspring’ stands for a thriving earth, swirling with life - a ‘loud spring’. It is their mission to stand for the planet and to protect its nature and biodiversity. ‘Silent Spring’ - the book by Rachel Carson that many say started the global environmental movement - describes what lies ahead if we continue on our path of abusing nature.

Loudspring portfolio companies focus on technologies that save energy, water and materials in industry, real estate and everyday life. The Loudspring business is divided in two branches: Loudspring Industry and Loudspring Ventures (minority ownerships).

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