Fine Filters

(F7-F9, MERV 13-15)
Eagle Filters’ compact cell fine filters are developed specifically for demanding processes and adverse environmental conditions.

Basic characteristics for Fine Filters:

  • Filter classes according to EN779:2012 and ISO16890
  • Relative humidity resistance 100%

Typical characteristics of Fine Filters:

  • High mechanical strength
  • High operational airflow suitability
  • Low pressure drop
  • Increased dust holding capacity
  • Protection for last stage EPA filters

EFiCELL Fine Filters are designed to ensure high-capacity filtration utilizing super strong media for laminar air flow and enhance performance

EFiCELL 420 Fine Filters are designed for extended service life with enhanced filtration area and dust holding capacity.Utilizing super strong media with solid media packs, to ensure laminar air flow during operation

MAGNUM Fine Filters are heavy-duty filters with robust construction. Suitable for challenging environments with increased filtration area and optimum flow characteristics, reducing initial and long term dP, and ensuring reliable operation

Snap-On MAGNUM Fine Filters are designed to ensure high capacity filtration when available space is not limited and processed air flow is very high, especially when the number of filter walls is limited.

The Snap-on system enables the addition of a filtering stage to inlet air filtration system without major modifications to the inlet air house.

TurboMaster Fine Filters are static type cartridge filters with depth dust loading design. The media structure is multi-layered construction with 100% synthetic material including water-resistance capability. Its unique media structure allows for a pre-filter water repellent wrap/sock installation to achieve the optimum filtration result and lifetime in humid environments. Available in various geometries

PulseMaster Fine Filters are cartridge type filters developed for reverse pulse cleaning systems with a design allowing optimized captured dust release during reverse pulsing. No deterioration of media pleats during heavy frequent pulsing, whilst utilizing 100% synthetic media with high end pleating technology. Available in various geometries

V-Cell Fine Filters are a reliable pulse type panel filters with large filtration surface to cope with various environmental conditions including desert and humid type applications.

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