(G4-M6, MERV 7-12)
Eagle Filters’ pre-filters suitable for various air intake applications situated in various environments ,
including dusty, foggy and/or rainy conditions.

Basic characteristics for Pre-Filters:

  • Filter classification according to EN779:2012 and ISO16890
  • Relative humidity resistance 100%

Features of Pre-Filters:

  • High mechanical strength
  • High operational airflow suitability
  • Increased dust holding capacity
  • Enhanced coalescing capability
  • Low pressure drop

EFiCELL Pre-Filters are Compact Type Filters with V-pocket design, providing high filtration media area and increased dust holding capacity for protection of fine filters

PanelS Pre-Filter series are robust type, high end performing coalescer type filters, providing water protection of main filters. It’s unique media design allows it, to be comparable to pocket filters in terms of dust holding capacity. Unaffected by turbulence during service life

Snap-On PanelS Pre-Filters are designed to ensure high capacity filtration when available number of filter walls is limited to enable adding a filtering stage to inlet air filtration without major modifications to the inlet air house

EFiBAG Pocket Filters are robust construction with 100% non-woven, self-supporting, and depth loading polyester mix media. They use a 100% waterproof material, which ensures low lifecycle costs and superior protection to main filters.

Part numbers for pocket or bag filter - 1800310307, 10655, 1800310672, 1800310672, 1800310382, 10403
Part numbers for for panel filter gas turbine - 29451, 1800310381
Part numbers for for ALUMESH Aluminium mesh type filter - 1800310283, 29453, 1800310311, 1800310312

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