Filtration Technology Deployed Globally

GE Frame 7FA 195MW

Original status: Coastal conditions causing high degradation
Upgrade: TurboMaster F8/E11
Result: Negligible fouling

SGT-1000F 64MW

Original Status: Soot and Icing issues
Upgrade: TurboMaster M5/F8/E11
Result: No Icing issues

SGT6-8000H 275MW

Original status: High fouling due to soot and dust
Upgrade: TurboMaster G4/F8/E11
Result: Degradation reduced to <0,2%

SGT6-4000F 186MW

Original status: High fouling and low availability
Upgrade: TurboMaster G4/F8/E11
Result: Efficiency improvement >1,5%

SGT5-2000E 190MW

Original status: Icing problems
Uppgrade: TurboMaster M5/F8/E11
Result: Average Output increase 2MW

GE Frame 9FB 290MW

Original Status: E10 Pulse filters+Off-line washing
Upgrade: TurboMaster F8/E11
Result: Efficency reduction <0,15%/a

GE Frame 9FA+e, 230MW

Original status: Severe fouling due to salt
Upgrade: G4 + TurboMaster F8/E11
Result: Average output increase 5MW

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Some of the operators utilizing Eagle Filters technology!

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