EPA Filters

(E10-E12 MERV 16)
EPA class compact cell filters are the best solution for protecting gas turbines from Degradation.
EPA filters ensure high purity of incoming air and a very high level of cleanliness.

Basic characteristics for EPA-Filters:

  • Filter classes according to EN1822:2009
  • Relative humidity resistance 100%
  • TurboMaster and PulseMaster EPA filters can replace existing pulse filters, without changes to existing mounting systems

Typical characteristics of EPA-Filters:

  • High mechanical strength
  • High operational capacity
  • Low pressure drop

EFiCELL EPA Filters are designed to provide optimized air quality with high-capacity filtration utilizing super strong media for laminar air flow and enhance performance.

EFiCELL 420 EPA Filters are designed to provide optimized air quality with extended service life utilizing super strong media for laminar air flow and enhance performance.

MAGNUM EPA Filters are heavy-duty, robust construction final stage series filters providing optimized air quality and extended service life. Increased filtration surface and media characteristics contribute to reduced initial and long term pressure drop, ensuring reliable operation.

Snap-On MAGNUM EPA Filters are designed to ensure high capacity filtration when available space is not limited and processed air flow is very high, especially when the number of filter walls is limited.

Snap-on system is enabling adding a filtering stage to inlet air filtration system without major modifications to the inlet air house.

TurboMaster EPA Filters are a new era in static filtration, replacing ineffective and high pressure drop pulse filters.

TurboMaster EPA filters 2 or 3-layer construction combining the fine filtration with EPA filtration and option for pre-filter sock in one body ensures absolute cleanliness and is a static filtration system that can be used without construction changes of the air intake housing even when upgrading from Pulse filtration to Static filtration.TurboMaster EPA Filters are available in various shapes and sizes

PulseMaster EPA Filters are reliable pulse cleaning type filters designed to be used in environments where heavy pulsing is utilized.The multi-layer super strong media construction provides an optimized performance and laminar flow during service life. PulseMaster is available in various sizes and shapes

V-Cell EPA Filters are a reliable pulsable panel filter with 2 stage filtering combining the fine filter and EPA filter in one body with large filtration surfaces to cope with various environmental conditions.

Part numbers for pocket or bag filter - 1800310307, 10655, 1800310672, 1800310672, 1800310382, 10403
Part numbers for for panel filter gas turbine - 29451, 1800310381
Part numbers for for ALUMESH Aluminium mesh type filter - 1800310283, 29453, 1800310311, 1800310312

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