GE Frame 7FA 195MW

Original status: Coastal conditions causing high degradation
Upgrade: TurboMaster F8/E11
Result: Negligible fouling

Customer launched a study based on a cycle of 3 years opeations, testing the performance of different technologies from filter suppliers side-by-side in their power plant on their 4 gas turbines. After the study, and based on actual operaional benefits and savings ( GT Compressor Efficiency, MWhrs, Fuel Savings, HR improvement…) Eagle Filters was selected to supply filters to all 4 turbines.

Original setup: F9 pulse type cartridges (Conical and Cylindrical)

Environment: Coastal and within industrial area

Challenge: Need of heat rate optimization

Upgrade: Coalescer Sock M5 + TurboMaster 2500C F8/E11 ( No filter housing modification )



Heat Rate Improvement of approximately 1.5% & equivalent Fuel savings. Average heat rate improvement >1,5% - Average output recovery > 4MW No off-line washing during operational period - Negligible fouling

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