Re-useable filter frames reducing plastic waste



Being able to reuse plastic in its existing state is the next best thing to not using it at all

As a filter manufacturer, most of our products have plastic frames. We use recyclable High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) plastic as it has all the desired properties we need for a high-quality product: it is durable, light weight and cost-effective to manufacture. But, as we all know, plastic is derived from fossil fuels, so there is an environmental impact from the manufacture of our products that is contrary to our purpose as a company that has a positive environmental impact.

Enabling the recycling of our products after their use period is over is one thing that we are discussing internally and trying to figure out. The challenge is making sure that such recycling is cost-efficient and also not increasing environmental impact through logistics. But while we are working on recyclability, we have an even better environmental initiative to share with you.

Let us introduce the replaceable pre-filter panel – the Mistroyer.


How does the Mistroyer replaceable pre-filter panel work?


Once the frame is fixed, the self-supporting Mistroyer panel is put into the frame itself. No tools or glue needed. Change-out is performed by pulling out the old Mistroyer from the frame and placing a new Mistroyer inside the frame.

Compared to flimsy cardboard framed pre-filters, the Mistroyer is offering the benefits of plastic frame filters, but is of course not as good as a fixed framed pre-filter like our PanelS.


Less plastic waste and less change out work.


Re-using of the frame means less plastic waste and less change out work. Also, CO2 emissions from shipping are reduced as the shipping weight for the Mistroyer is far less than that of the framed pre-filter.

We are proud of this small innovation in our product design and are excited to realize its full environmental impact.

As usual - you can always contact your Friendly Filter Guy Pertti Sundberg for more details!

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